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It is said, “our gifts are revealed in our personal struggles” and it took Roxanne “years” to realize there were no truer words. With a journey through divorce, losing my home, closing a much-loved 20 year business along with uninformed and stupid financial decisions was not the life I imagined. In 2007 sitting before a bankruptcy judge broken, humiliated, and alone thankfully the story didn’t end that day. Even though it felt like it had at the time.

In 2012 by happenstance I walked into a class called, “Financial Peace University” from Ramsey Solutions. Shame and frustration were replaced with knowledge and confidence. The re-building began along with teaching FPU for two years.

I am proud to hold two industry designations in Financial Coaching. The first from Ramsey Solutions as “Master Financial Coach”. The second “Accredited Financial Coach” from Coach Connections. Being part of an international group of coaches grants me access to the best of the best when it comes to our money and credit. 

Collaborating with other coaches allows me to not only help their business but expand our resources for our clients. 

To be confident and knowledgeable about your spending and saving is a solid foundation for your financial future. My approach is to help you learn about your money allowing you to achieve your goals while maintaining what matters most. 

I don’t want others burdened or told they are beyond help. Having confidence and Financial Flexibility is amazing! 

When I’m not looking at numbers I’m always creating. Enjoying time with needlepoint, knitting, and home projects. Trying new recipes in the kitchen, Interior Design room renderings and enjoying God’s beauty in my life! Based in Houston, Texas.

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