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Behind the smile were years of harmful and incorrect beliefs around money and mindset. A journey through divorce, losing my home, closing a 20-year business along with uninformed financial decisions was not the life I imagined. Sitting before a bankruptcy judge broken, humiliated, and alone it was not the end of the story but the start of many new chapters in my life. 

Shame and frustration were replaced with knowledge and confidence. I graduated and began teaching Financial Peace University from Ramsey Solutions.  The exciting events so far:

  • debt free except for my home
  • fully funded emergency fund in place
  • monthly accountability meeting to stay on track
  • attended and completed 2 industry designations as a Master Financial Coach
  • began my business helping women, especially divorced women 

My approach – to learn about your situation and help you navigate day-to-day money decisions. This allows you to maintain what matters most in your life. 

I don’t want others told they are beyond help. To gain the confidence and Financial Flexibility is a feeling that is challenging to describe. But, once you arrive, watch out!

When I’m not looking at numbers I’m creating. Spending time with needlepoint, knitting, and home projects or long walks. Trying new recipes in the kitchen, interior design, and enjoying God’s beauty in my life! Based in Houston, Texas and working with clients all over.

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