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I love to receive questions, feedback, and connect with new people. If you think working with a Coach might be something you want to pursue, let’s talk! Thank you and I appreciate your interest in reaching out.

Be blessed and empowered!

YOUR goals for the future are important! How can you get out of debt without sacrificing everything you love? Where do you start? It’s difficult to focus on the future when you’re worried what curve ball life will throw today. Through a journey of bankruptcy, divorce, business closure, and stupid financial decisions I found myself with more month than money. High credit card debt, an outrageous car payment and questions about the best financial routes crippled me from saving. Whether for retirement much less an emergency.

In 2012 I found a class teaching basic money 101. Things like writing a monthly spending plan. Learning how to correctly work my debt payments. The steps that lead from frustration to confidence in financial decisions and future dreams. In 2019 I became a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and am a member of Coach Connections.

Looking back over my earlier decisions, from bankruptcy to debt freedom, I don’t want others to be burdened like I was. Having the Financial Freedom is amazing! Becoming a Financial Coach really is my purpose and ladies you hold a special place in my business plan.

When I’m not coaching I’m creating as I have a never ending list. Enjoying time with needlepoint, knitting, and home projects. Trying new recipes in the kitchen, Interior Design room renderings and enjoying God’s beauty in my life! Based in Houston, Texas.

I would be honored to help you get on your own path to Financial Freedom!

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