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Having the uncomfortable talk with our parents we must have

One of the most challenging conversations we can have with our aging parents or grandparents revolves around money and their wishes! I have a close friend dealing with this situation currently and it reminds me just how sensitive of a topic it can be for some. To talk about money is one thing, but with

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How to build a net worth when you’re starting from zero!

Each time I sit down to write this blog, my goal is to give you helpful tips and information about your money. Things you can take action with immediately or perhaps spur a momentary “what if” thought. There are many money and financial people out there I follow. Some I agree with while others have

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I’m so excited for the release of Her Financial Freedom! Ready to download?

So many “things” are in the works since last month. It seems for every 5 items off the to do list I add 10 more and they’re all good. I’m neck deep re-vamping the Facebook and Instagram page and learning the do’s and don’ts so I don’t end up in Facebook jail. Then I decided

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The IRS has officially moved this year’s federal tax deadline to July 15th for both filing AND paying your taxes.

This is good news to anyone who is impacted financially by the Coronavirus (most of us) and may owe money on taxes. Use this extra time to focus on covering your 4 Walls of the budget (food, utilities, shelter, and transportation) and save for your tax bill, if needed.

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