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Welcome to 2021 and begin our 30-day money challenge

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021. Like most of us, January is about starting over and challenging yourself to do better, be better, or at least try! Where do you want to make changes in your professional and personal lives? Just as eating healthier is obvious so is getting healthy with our finances. Money

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5+ Gift Ideas guaranteed not to break the bank

For the 2020 holiday season, I’m launching my first yearly “Gift Ideas” list. No, it’s not as exciting as Oprah’s, she does have the best!! With all the changes we have and continue to experience this year I wanted to put together additional ideas that would offer you fun and creative family time, keep to

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5 ways successful couples support and agree around their money

This time of the year is especially tough on agreeing where to spend the holiday, how much to spend, who to have dinner with, and the list goes on. While events such as holidays and pandemics are stressful if we’re honest, money is as emotional and complex! It impacts nearly every aspect of our lives

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The IRS has officially moved this year’s federal tax deadline to July 15th for both filing AND paying your taxes.

This is good news to anyone who is impacted financially by the Coronavirus (most of us) and may owe money on taxes. Use this extra time to focus on covering your 4 Walls of the budget (food, utilities, shelter, and transportation) and save for your tax bill, if needed.

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