Roxanne Langley ~ Money Coach

September 25, 2020

How to switch your money mindset today. You deserve more!

If you came over to my place for margaritas on the porch along with chips and salsa of course, we could sit and talk open and honestly about our biggest fears when it comes to our money.

One of the biggest blocks I see in people who are on the cusp of deciding to dig out of the financial mess they find their selves in is, the fear of being “not smart enough”. It shows up in a LOT of different (some not so obvious) ways. Of course there is the “I’m not you, Roxanne” excuse. To which I say, thank goodness! It took me wayyy longer to figure this money stuff out than it will you, promise. And I’m much more stubborn than you. Then there is the “when I make more money I can begin.” Is there really some magical income level or time to begin? Not really. Some began in high school and then there are those of us who began….let’s just say in our later years! Don’t let fear or those false beliefs stop you from your future dreams.

For instance, my single dad with a 3 yr old decided he wanted a better future for he and his son. Within 6 weeks of working with him he made the final payment on his student loan and became debt free. Next, he increased his emergency fund from $1200 to $8000 with a goal to have 6 months of expenses saved. He set an intention, told me his “why” and then proceeded to work the process even in the midst of the 2020 crazies!

Behind almost every “not smart enough” statement is a struggle that breaks my heart. Oh trust me, I know it intimately. It’s simply a lack of belief at the time and having someone pour encouragement over us. I battled this inner mindset monster constantly when I first started digging out of the financial mess I was in. There were some days!! And you know what? The only way I got rid of it was by staring my, “not enoughness” down, learning and doing despite my doubt.

If only’s are a drain on “what could be”. You don’t become the person or change the situation by the snap of a finger. You get to that point when you scream, “I’ve had it” and “I want more”. You start building or re-building one step at a time. What I’m building lets me tie my passion into guiding you to get out of debt, learn to be intentional, continue enjoying a margarita or mocha and gain the security and confidence with your money.

Never stop believing in yourself! Never stop building!

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