Lost your job? Or reduction in hours?

Don’t panic and over steer or correct with what hasn’t happened yet. Base your decisions on your current situation today and what you’re looking at. Trust your gut and look at everything calmly! Today you’re okay, you’re safe and taking it one step at a time.

1) Call your creditors and banks if you can’t pay some of your bills now. Do not avoid them.
2) Calculate your bare bones budget to include: housing, food, transportation & utilities.
3) Cut “wants” expenses: hair salons, cleaning services, streaming subscriptions, etc.

This season has most of us questioning our future, learning a new way of working remotely, and even attempting social distancing from the refrigerator and keep our sanity during COVID-19 time.  Challenging times call for us to monitor what we’re listening to so our verbal output is in a responsive tone instead of reactionary.  Spend time each day with the news off , listen to your favorite music, perhaps a little Motown, Oldies or Worship to re-center and focus.  Take that walk through the neighborhood or simply to the mailbox.

Published by Financial Coach - Roxanne Langley

I understand how it feels to wonder where your money goes each month. Or feel frustrated by the idea of planning for a stable financial future when today is still so uncertain. It doesn’t have to be that way, and I can show you how by helping you build a budget, get out of debt, and begin to save for the future of your dreams. As a trained Money Mindset Coach on your side, "You’re not alone in the journey!"

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