Roxanne Langley ~ Money Coach

Ladies, is your financial life in survival mode when what you really want is clarity and confidence? I empower professional & entrepreneurial women who make great money but embarrassed & frustrated because they don't know where it is going. My approach - help you manage your money so you can achieve your goals while maintaining what matters most to you.

Do you have questions when it comes to your money? Where do I begin? Who can I trust?

When I ask people what they wish they had, “a plan that works” is the most common response. With a Coach who has been there we begin with a plan for your money that accounts for everything – current and future. I will not tell you to deprive yourself of your favorite coffee shop, we work it into your plan. Are you ready to increase savings and reduce stress associated with sleepless nights? No guesswork involved. What could you accomplish if you didn’t worry so much?

The Process and Where to Start

Step 1: Book Your Online Consultation

We start with a consultation and get to know each other. It’s your time to ask questions and learn about the resources you will have access to. We’ll discuss your overall relationship with money and your present situation. I’ll explain how having a coach in your corner works and to expect.

I want to be your biggest cheerleader and the dreams that matter most, short and long term.

Step 2: Develop Your Plan Together

Together, we roll up the sleeves and begin to develop a spending plan for YOUR situation and goals!

Armed with One to One Coaching sessions along with step by step videos set you up for success on day 1. We’ll begin discovering your why and the motives behind it.

You will begin seeing your money in a whole new way. Learn new spending and saving habits helping you be in control from the start.


Step 3: Work Your New Plan Together

The joy I have is watching you on the path to success. Your more relaxed and the confidence in your money decisions are growing. When life throws a curve ball you will know how to adjust and proceed forward. With continued sessions you will discover becoming debt-free is obtainable. Saving for the future is possible.

Encouragement to stay motivated and be your trusted accountability partner.

We will celebrate the wins YOU achieve.



You have a solid working plan. You are in control of your finances and thriving. Your spending and saving are aligned with your beliefs, isn’t restrictive and helping you accomplish your goals. You’re consistently saving for emergencies and the future. No longer are you fearful, stressed, or ashamed.

You know how to plan and purchase without the guilt   or judgement.

Well done!!


Let’s Dream Big Together

Financial Coaching Plans

Deep Dive Single Session

If you are interested in a single session, the “Deep Dive” Session is for you. During our 1:1 Session, we explore your current situation, short and long term goals. With this information, we begin determining your spending plan or evaluate what you’re currently using. The meeting typically last two hours exploring several areas in your financial situation.

You will receive a workable DIY plan, needed resources and ongoing email / text Coach support for 1 month. Cost: $250

Senior women shopping online
Signature Coach Plan

The most comprehensive is my monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions. We begin with a 2 hour session and then a 1 hour session one week later. We then meet bi-weekly over 3 months.

At all sessions we’ll check on your goals, celebrate your wins, look at the spending plan, ask questions and revise expenses, as needed.

You will have videos, tools, and ongoing Coach support. Unlimited access via text and email between sessions. I walk you through this and so much more.

Prepare to gain the security and confidence you want with your money.



Workshops / Courses Coming Soon



“So Relieved”

Who would have thought having my emergency fund would be so timely during a pandemic. Even though I’m still employed currently thank you for pushing me to build up the 6 month fund. I know I’ll be okay no matter what.



“Love the Accountability”

Having extra accontability during the beginning budget process is worth it. Thanks for pushing me even when I wasn’t so nice to you.



“Hard But Worth It”

$32K in debt and didn’t believe there was a way out of the mess I had made over years. I’m proud to say I’m in the homestretch and working on being debt free.

You deserve better…You don’t have to do it alone.

Are you able to cover a $400 emergency today without a credit card?

Are you wasting money paying interest every month on credit cards?

Are you tired of living from one paycheck to the next paycheck?

Are you late on any of your expenses, including your home?

Why You’ll Love Working with Me

I have been where you are now. It’s no fun and for the most part it’s confusing when you’re not entirely sure with the many choices. Struggling with your money is nothing to be ashamed of. 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Imagine, reaching for your check book during an emergency instead of the credit card. It’s doable!

I PROMISE it will be worth it.