Roxanne Langley ~ Money Coach

Helping people build a budget and understand the value of planning where your money goes before you spend it. Click the Schedule Here button above.

Are you tired of...

  • Buyers remorse after simple purchases?
  • Frustrated with little to no savings, especially since you make great money?
  • Not being prepared for an emergency?
  • Confused about how to begin taking control of your money?
  • Being unprepared for retirement or long term goals?

The Process and Where to Start

Step 1: Book Your Online Consultation

We begin by getting to know each other. It’s your time to learn about all the resources you have access to. We discuss your relationship and beliefs over money and the present situation. I’ll explain how having a coach in your corner works and what to expect.

Your dreams are important to your success. Dream big!

Step 2: Develop Your Plan Together

We roll up our sleeves and I learn what is important to you first, your why! Then we begin to develop a spending plan for YOUR lifestyle and goals while also saving.

Your One to One Coach sessions include step by step videos setting your success on day 1. 

Shortly you begin seeing your money in new and positive ways. You become more prepared and less flying by the seat of your pants! Learn new spending and saving habits helping you be confident and in control.


Step 3: Understand Your New Plan

It’s making sense and you are less overwhelmed! When life throws a curve ball you know how to adjust and move forward. You’re more relaxed and confident in your decisions.

Saving for the future is possible as you progress through each session. Becoming debt-free, if this is a goal, is obtainable.

As your accountability partner, you’re in a safe place to ask questions.

We will celebrate the wins YOU achieve.


You’re in control of your finances and thriving. Your spending and saving are aligned with your beliefs. It is helping you accomplish your goals. You’re consistently saving for emergencies and the future.

No longer are you fearful, stressed, or ashamed.

You know how to plan and purchase without guilt or judgement.

Well done!!


Coaching Plans

Single Session

During your Single Session, we discuss your beliefs around money and current financial situation. Whether you find yourself in crisis mode or want to learn and do better with your money this is where we begin.

The meeting typically last two hours as we explore the areas of most concern to you.

Within 48 hours after your session, you receive a workable DIY option(s), any needed resources and ongoing email / text Coach support for 1 month. Cost: $350

Senior women shopping online
Signature Coach Plan

The most comprehensive is my monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions. As you progress you will gain a clear understanding and experience tremendous growth, both personally and financially. 

Being money smart doesn’t mean you stop having fun. It means you’ll be able to do it longer and more responsibly – it’s time to start making your money work for you!

At all sessions we’ll check on your goals and celebrate your wins. By looking at the spending plan you will begin saving for emergencies and future goals with clarity.

With videos and unlimited access via text or email between sessions you are fully supported. 

Gain the security and confidence you want with your money.



Workshops / Courses Coming Soon



“Perfect Help”

“If you are a professional woman who has recently lost your partner through death, divorce, or breakup and you could use some guidance around money and finances, then Roxanne is the perfect person to see. She won’t make specific recommendations. What she does is better. She will give you the skills to make great money decisions so you can repeat that process of gaining clarity when faced with tough decisions.”  -from G. Brown


“New Direction Time”

Meeting you really has triggered something in me to take a new direction. I ready to place myself in a position to make consistent income and take better control of my money. Thank you!  -from Liz


“Hard But Worth It”

$32K in debt and didn’t believe there was a way out of the mess I had made over years. I’m proud to say I’m in the homestretch and working on being debt free. – from Nora

You deserve better…don’t do it alone.

Are you able to cover a $400 emergency today without a credit card?

Are you wasting money paying interest every month on credit cards?

Are you tired of living from one paycheck to the next paycheck?

Are you late on any of your expenses, including your home?

Why Work with Me

I have been where you are now. I was normal with the mortgage, car payments, credit cards, and any extra money went to the credit cards instead of savings. It’s no fun and for the most part it’s confusing when you’re not sure where to start. Struggling with your money is nothing to be ashamed of. 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Imagine, reaching for your check book during an emergency instead of the credit card. It’s doable!

I PROMISE it will be worth it.

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